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Stanford has reveal coverage concerning consensual intimate and intimate connections

Stanford has reveal coverage concerning consensual intimate and intimate connections

between people in naturally unequal opportunities. If you find yourself this kind of a relationship—or considering becoming involved with one—there are important issues, prohibitions, and requisite that you need to read.

These pages covers only the highlights. The rationale and certain information are important. Make sure you see the detailed rules.

This visual representation provides a convenient assessment. Simply click it for a more substantial view.

Just what relationships really does the policy prohibit or limit?

Intimate or romantic relations are FORBIDDEN between:

  • educators andundergraduate students -even if the teacher doesn’t illustrate, examine, or advise the scholar, presently or in the long term.
  • coaches and any pupils, whenever a teacher has received -or might-be expected ever to have-academic responsibility* during the some other celebration.
  • staff in some power parts (mentor, academic adviser, residence dean or fellow, etc.) and undergraduate youngsters.

*See sidebar for samples of tasks within the name “academic obligation”

NOTICE and RECUSAL are needed in intimate or enchanting relations between:

  • people, whenever you’re teaching and/or evaluating others.
  • person staff (including faculty) when you’ve got expert on the more, even when the partnership is consensual.

The pupil instructor, or team with expert or deeper electricity, must recuse him/herself and tell the manager so as that alternative evaluative or monitoring plans could be used in place.

What makes enchanting relations between non-peers disheartened or forbidden?

Issues: These connections have the potential to entail

  • Conflict interesting
  • Exploitation
  • Favoritism
  • Opinion

Facts: this type of relationships may

  • Erode the believe intrinsic in mentor-mentee relationships.
  • End up being much less consensual as compared to additional “powerful” person feels.
  • Become sensed in different ways by all the events, especially in retrospect.
  • Undermine the true or recognized ethics of this guidance or evaluation.
  • Change over time. Problems my exterior if behavior that was as soon as welcome is unwanted.
  • Bring about 3rd party problems whenever one party seems to have an unjust positive aspect and/or even more use of the elderly people.
  • Has unintended, negative effects regarding climate of a scholastic or work environment, which might be weakened for other individuals, either throughout connection or after a break-up.


Problems to conform to college rules governing intimate or enchanting relationships may cause disciplinary motion up to dismissal, depending on the specific situation.

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