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Brad Carbunkle Being left outside of the activity whenever adventuring.

Brad Carbunkle Being left outside of the activity whenever adventuring.

Brad Carbunkle

which of the following statements is true about dating?

  • Going on adventures together with his buddies and buddy
  • Flirting with babes at school
  • Dislikes

    • Becoming rejected by women
    • Tuck pestering him
    • Being left out from the action when adventuring
    • The Group

    Bradley Brad Carbunkle will be the secondary protagonist in My existence as an adolescent Robot. He’s Jenny’s companion and then door neighbor.


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    Brad made their first look inside pilot episode “It originated from Next Door”. He could be first seen checking out a magazine outside in a lawn couch. He also drives a white 1995 crown victory p71.

    Brad, as he very first starred in “they originated from upcoming Door”.


    Brad was a human teenage male with apricot-colored epidermis, spikey red-orange hair, and dark-colored eyes. He usually wears a white clothes shirt with a black vest on it, khaki pants, and black gown boots.


    Brad is known to be very adventurous, and enjoys marking along when Jenny fights criminal activity. He or she is identified to get a girls’ guy in which he tries to bring different girls to like your; but a number of the girls the guy attempts to flirt with reject your. Brad dislikes becoming throughout the sidelines. Brad is also seen on many occasions as being persistent. In Unlicensed Flying Object, Brad depict their more persistent part of their characteristics by disregarding his security being informed to not ever interfere with things unsafe. The guy also has been noticed to be sluggish or unperceptive, which occasionally annoys Jenny.



    Brad and Jenny found from inside the pilot It originated in across the street. Brad and Jenny has an in depth friendship and fork out a lot of the time chilling out together, as well as occasionally teaming to fight off villains.

    Neither of these two screen any intimate feelings for each some other. Into the occurrence golf ball and Chain, whenever Brad was about to marry room riders user Tammy, Jenny out of cash into the wedding chapel to save him. Whenever Brad informed Jenny that he in fact desired to marry Tammy and turn into a Space motorcycle, Jenny humbly trusted his wishes, but advised him sadly that she would skip him, desired him luck, and provided him limited so long kiss on the cheek before walking-out. Not surprisingly display of friendly affection, their particular union throughout the collection keeps remained strictly platonic.

    In a Q&A with Rob Renzetti, the guy clarified that he had no lasting programs for Jenny’s romantic life, that he thought about a small area of the show anyway. [1] but the guy performed comment in an earlier meeting that he is rooting for Sheldon (perhaps not Brad) in relation to Jennys possible admiration interest. [2]

    Tuck Carbunkle

    Tuck was Brad’s young bro. Simply because they both have different characters, they sometimes dispute, and show common sibling competition. Despite all this work though, they do show a mutual brotherly love for both. Even when Tuck was irritating quite often, Brad sugar daddy canada cares about their young sibling truly, and attempts their far better hold your protected from hazards.

    Nora Wakeman

    Dr. Wakeman and Brad you should not communicate with one another usually, however in times when Jenny requires assistance, tend to be functioning along (typically together with Tuck and Sheldon). Dr. Wakeman must consistently disturb Jenny and Brad when the friends are hanging out together because Jenny have jobs to guard Tremorton and the world from hazards.

    Sheldon Lee

    Sheldon and Brad are fantastic buddies. They frequently speak with both at school, spending some time along usually when Jenny is around, and carry on wild and sometimes risky adventures along with her. Brad try sorts to Sheldon and provides suggestions to your as he is during question.

    Melody Locus

    Melody is regarded as Brad’s authentic admiration interests. Even though the woman is the robot child of this wicked crazy researcher, Dr. Locus, Brad however comes for Melody, seeing as she appeared as a pretty and perfect typical female within her exo-skin. In Bradventure Melody assists Brad securely get away their father’s lab with an injured Jenny. When Melody visits him once more in No equilibrium with Melody, Brad remembers his thinking on her, and chooses to need Melody around his area as a date. Melody was the initial woman during the show to be seen kissing Brad. Jenny, believing that Melody was actually wicked like the girl pops, and up to no-good with intentions to hurt Brad, provokes Melody, leading to the lady burst with anger and unveil the lady genuine hideous and monstrous robot form. Realizing that everyone considered she had been a monster, including Brad, Melody offers right up, sense that she’s going to never ever belong. She flies out in tears, not to come back. Brad was rather sad about Melodys tearful goodbye in conclusion, as he had loved becoming together with her, and returned her feelings for him.

    The Group

    Brad is always ready to help keep Jenny protected from and help combat The group’s assaults, and dislikes them as Jenny does.

    King Vexus

    Brad dislikes king Vexus as Jenny really does, and is scared of the girl besides. However, when she was in disguise at Tremorton significant as “Vicky” in king Bee, Brad turned into a big buff of the lady, deceived like everyone else in the college.

    Brit and Tiff

    Brit and Tiff are common rich girls of Tremorton High School who only associata with the popular boys, such as Don Prima; hence, they dislike Brad and consider him a nerd. They are especially disdainful of Brad and rude to him, considering he is one of Jennys friends (along with Sheldon).

    The Area Riders

    If they 1st appeared in The Return of Raggedy Android Brad disliked the Space riders, since they assaulted all of their friends when they damaged Mezmer’s, and gave your an atomic wedgie. Tammy specifically did actually focus on him, bully your, and crude him upwards while relatively flirting with him. This at some point trigger their greatest issue with the Space Bikers, which occurred in, Ball and string, by which Brad ended up being required because of the Space riders to get married Tammy. In the beginning, Brad got really opposed to this forced marriage and tried to get out of they, but altered his brain when he considered living of an area motorcycle are exciting, whilst creating a crush on Tammy. In the long run, when he had been advised he might be Tammys slave as soon as partnered to their, Brad made an effort to break off the marriage, and is also nearly eaten by Tammy (among the traditions within area Bikers team, when the groom would like to end the matrimony the partner takes him). He or she is saved by Jenny just in time, and does not have even more encounters with Tammy or the woman man room Bikers.